Towards A Living Eucharist

Towards a Living Eucharist

Proceedings of the Second International Catholic Conference on Religious Education of the Hearing Impaired

Held in Manchester England

11th - 16th August 1980

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Table of Contents


Opening Address - Bishop Holland

Celebration of the Eucharist - Sean Swayne

Reconciliation - Bishop Konstant

Language Acquisition and Religious Education - Rev. A. van Uden

Cognition and Religious Instruction - Dr. A. Mulholland

The Mass as Memorial - Bishop McNamara

The Mass as Meal - Bishop McNamara

The Mass as Sacrifice - Bishop McNamara

The Mass in our Life - Bishop McNamara

Values for Life - M. L. Broesterhuizen

A Living Eucharist in a Living Community - Sr. Nicholas Griffey

A Living Eucharist in a Living Community - Dr. Armin Lowe

Catechesis and the Late Starter - Rev. P. Bergmann

Eucharist, Church and World - Bishop McNamara


Towards a Living Eucharist in Spain

Points from Workshops

News from Columbia