On Eagles Wings

On Eagles Wings

Proceedings of the Forth International Conference

of the

International Catholic Foundation

for the Service of Deaf Persons

held in Rome, Italy


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Table of Contents


Praying - Drs Hans Waegemakers

Praying Right from Childhood - Mrs Gerry Velma-Drent

Praying with little or childhood at all - Mrs Diana de Bruyn

Praying and Celebrating with Children - Mr Ard Habraken

He Spoke to them in Images - Mr Coen Pouls

Prayer in the Life of Deaf People as a necessary foundation for Ministry - Sr Marie Robb, DC

Teach us to Pray: Deaf Prayer and Deaf Celebrations - Revs Rich Luberti and Len Broniak

Prayer as part of the Pastoral Ministry for the Deaf - Rev Cyril Axelrod

Life of Prayer of Deaf Persons - Mr Luigi Bove

The Visual in the Spirituality of St. Teresa of Avila - Rev Mgr Paul F Smith