Ministering Where No Bird Sings


where no bird sings

Proceedings of the Forth International Conference

of the

International Catholic Foundation

for the Service of Deaf Persons

held in Rome, Italy


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Table of Contents


Setting the Scene or fixing the Parameters: the Concept of Ministry - Most Rev. P.A. Kelly

How does the Foundation achieve full Ecclesiastical Status? - Rt. Rev. J.F. Lescrauwaet

The International Ecumenical Working Group

for the Pastoral Care of Deaf People - Msgr Canon Wolfganf Romer

Deaf Lay Ministry and Deacon Training Programme, Toronto, Canada - Rev Peter Monty S.J.

The Best kept Secret for our Church: The Deaf Vocation - Rev Thomas Coughlin

Enabling Deaf People to Minister: The De Salles Project Experience - Rev Anthony Schuerger

Adult Christian Formation of Deaf People - Mr Coen Pouls

Towards Ministry of the Deaf - Dr Marcel Broesterhuizen

Extra Class Moral Teaching - Mr Walter Tibosch

Mission Statement - Mr Tom Wrynne

Who takes care of Ministering to Deaf People in the Future - Prof Dr Jan Pierik

Peer Ministry in the School for the Deaf - Bro Martin Byrne

Success of a Programme of Services with and for the Deaf - Sr Rita M Pickhinke RSM

Spiritual Care of Deaf People (Children and Adults)

in a rapidly expanding Church situation in Korea - Sr Agnetta Kim

Fraternity in the Pastoral Service of the Deaf in Spain - Rev Agustin Yanes Valer

The Position of those who are Working with Deaf People within the South African Context - Sr Jacinta Teixera

The Peru Challenge - Sr M Alverna Hollis OP

Ministry to the Deaf in a Third World Setting - Sr Virginia Mary Barry

The History of the Catholic Deaf in the Community - Rev Greg Bourke