Eye People

Gift to the Church

Eye People

Gift to the Church

Theme: Working models of Church:

implementing the vision in a variety of pastoral settings

Proceedings of the Second Symposium of the International Catholic Foundation for the Service of Deaf Persons

held in Manchester, England

13th to 18th September 1988

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Table of Contents



Setting the scene - Bishop JF Lescrauwaet (Nertherlands)

Crossroads: presentation of the liturgy

in a Catholic school for deaf children - Sister Catherine Mathews, DC (England)

In a Catholic deaf school - Rev J van Corven (Netherlands)

What model of church do we present in

religious education of deaf children? - Mr Antonio Guimoye del Rosario (Peru)

Religious education: also a parental task? - Mr Sjef Kolbrink (Netherlands)

Religious education in the family - Mrs Mia Stevens-Leyskens (Belgium)

Psychological aspects of being church - Dr Marcel Broesterhuizen (Netherlands)

Religious education of multiple-handicapped deaf children - (Netherlands)

Church programs for deaf teenagers - Rev Anthony J Schuerger (USA)

Searching for community among the deaf - Rev J Vitucci (USA)

Adult catechesis in parishes - Sister Eileen McColgan (England)

Volunteer pastoral groups as a model of church - Sister Kevin Allan, DC (England)

Deaf people as ministers - Rev Thomas Woods, CM (Ireland)

Pastoral work with deaf people in the German Democratic Republic - Rev Michael Teubner (GDR)

Pastoral services for hard-of-hearing people - Very Rev Canon Charles Hollywood (England)

Sign language as a means of building church communion - Rev Erich Prokosch (West Germany)

Homily texts - Bishop Patrick A Kelly (England)

Workshop material

Theological reflections - Bishop JF Lescrauwaet (Netherlands)

Theological reflections - Bishop Patrick A Kelly (England)