A Practical Approach to the Eucharist

Religious Education of the Deaf:

A Practical Approach

to the Eucharist

Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Religious Education of the Hearing Impaired

Catholic University of Louvain

Louvain, Belgium

August 1986

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Table of Contents


Listening - Ireland

God's Word and Deaf Children

Adult Deaf People and God's Word

Sharing - The Netherlands

Organization of the Instituut

Dysphasic Children and the Easter Celebration

Aural-Oral Children and the Easter Celebration

Adult Deaf Graduates' Retreat-Palm Sunday

Forgiving - Belgium

Maundy Thursday Celebration

The Eucharistic Celebration

Preparation for Confession

Belonging - England

Belonging in St. John's (Children)

To Meet and Form Community (Adults)


The Mass as Thanksgiving - Zimbabwe

The Development of Education of the Deaf - Kenya


How We Practice Catechetics - Sri Lanka

The Practice of Catechetics - Ghana

Communicating with Jesus and with Others - Brazil

Remembering - India

To Remember and to Keep Remembering

Witnessing - Spain

To Be Witnesses

Summary of Discussion Groups'


The Charge and the Challenge


Conference Recommendations


Defeating Our Babel


Most Rev Luc de Hovre, S.J.

Rev. Msgr John Hourihan

Rev. John Cleary, C.M.

Rev. Peter Monty, S.J.

Canon Charles Hollywood

Rev. Jan van Eijndhoven